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License Server - the attribute of paid software.

A license server stores all acquired a license for the specified number of copies of software and every time you start the program provides a license to this program.

  ● How It works  

After downloading the module, unpack the archive and install module on your site in according to the attached User Guide.

Then register module on the registration page.

After registration, you have 15 days for configuring and testing. If necessary, this period can be extended by contacting Support. During the test period, all module functions are supported in full.

For continuous expluatation, you can purchase a license.

  ● Standard license  

A software with a Standard License can be used on one website at a period of 1 years.

To buy the Standard License please contact our support service.

  ● Limited license  

A Limited License is issued for only one website without an expiration date.

You can not transfer a license from one site to another.

To buy the Limited License please contact our support service.

  ● Unlimited license  

An Unlimited License is issued without an expiration date. Software can be used by one user at any number of websites.

To buy the Unlimited License please contact our support service.

  ● Special propose  

You can order the development of specialized software for:

  • sync your website with your account or warehouse program,
  • sync your website with supplier website if it provides data about products using the API,
  • update product information on your website based on supplier information provided in the file (a file format - XML, XLS, CSV)

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